Zhejiang Zhongcai Merchants Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a socialized, market-oriented and modernized enterprise complex, covering its business in chemical building materials, guarantee, investment, futures, pawn, auction, real estate and domestics and international trade, and has shown strongly development trends.

Zhongcai Group firmly develops industry, commit to financial return.

Zhongcai chemical building materials industry, Zhongcai financial wide-angle and Zhongcai futures is the three business components of Zhongcai Group's business frame.

Zhejiang Zhongcai Pipes Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongcai Profiles Co., Ltd. ,Tianjin Zhongcai Profiles Co., Ltd., Xi¡¯an Zhongcai Profiles Co., Ltd., Sichuan Zhongcai Pipes Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Zhongcai Pipes Co., Ltd., Jilin Zhongcai Pipes Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongcai Plastic&Rubber Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongcai International Trading Co., Ltd. are the production enterprises and service enterprises for Zhongcai Group chemical building materials industry.

Every production enterprises of Zhongcai chemical building materials industry are the new high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province and the key high-tech enterprises in China. The marketing networks of Zhongcai chemical building materials industry spread all over the world which controls nine headquarters including the directly headquarters(Hangzhou), Huanghe headquarters(Xi¡¯an), Northern headquarters(Tianjin), Southwest headquarters(Chengdu), Tianjin and Shanghai headquarters(Tianjin), Overseas headquarters(Shanghai), Yangzi River headquarters(Wuhan)£¬ Western headquarters(Wulumuqi), Guandong headquarters(Changchun) and etc.

Zhongcai financial center has established ten financial centers and 24 companies which including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and etc. After constant practices and exploration Zhongcai Group has spread the successful Zhongcai financial center business model to a larger areas and scope. Guarantee, pawn, auction and project finance are the Zhongcai key finance service which have a verity categories, close to the market, leading the market, high-quality customers and range tops in the financial areas.

They are the main brands in Zhongcai financial services.

Zhongcai futures affiliated with the base Shanghai Huaneng Building has become one of the important business elements to the Zhongcai Group which are facing the country, regional distribution, regarding all sales departments and offices as antennae and making China future¡¯s development as opportunities.

Zhongcai Group tries to make it a stage of realizing one¡¯s own value in life and a paradise of entrepreneurs.

Zhongcai Group always keeps operating efficiency as the important, people-oriented and taking market first. The means of ¡°Zhong¡± is elegance and ¡°Cai¡± is custom. Custom does not hurt elegance and elegance does not avoid elegance. Zhongcai regards cost and marketing as essential but take care more with the humanities in the height of the wealth. Zhongcai is sward gallbladder with chin heart. Zhongcai is elegance and custom as well.

Zhongcai Group observes the concept that ¡°Nine lacks ten be the one¡± all the time, places the sprits of honesty, earnest, and modesty and the enterprise culture of¡°Honesty, Diligence, Perseverance, Braveness, Rigorousness¡± in high esteem consistently, which will command thousands of her members to carve out a way of sustainable development.

Long Live Zhong Cai, Centuries Forever!

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